Change in processes, policies and workplace culture takes time. There will be some quick and easy changes but many will take longer to make.

This means transforming your business to be more inclusive can be a long-term commitment. This is why it is important to keep track of your progress. You can celebrate changes you’ve made and keep focused on what still needs to be done.

Sharing your progress with employees can also help develop trust amongst disabled staff.

We have some quick tips to help you measure your progress.

Start the conversation

A mistake that many employers make is assuming that they can do all the changes alone. Disabled colleagues are the best people to tell you where the barriers are. Listen to your colleagues and be open to their ideas for change.

It’s important to be clear about why you are asking for information and feedback. Explain what you’re going to do with the findings. Being clear and open is the best way to build trust and get real results that benefit everyone.

Do also think about how you collect your feedback. You need to make sure disabled employees can share information in a way that’s best for them. Staff surveys are one way. Think about other methods too.

Tips for great communication:

  • Offer anonymous feedback.
  • Have conversations with disabled staff about your progress.
  • Talk openly about your goals and progress.
  • Encourage staff involvement.

Remember that communication does not end after you set your goals. Keep the conversation going. There’s always room for improvement.

If you want help with talking to disabled colleagues, Scope offers support. For more information, take a look at our disability in the workplace workshops.

Update your goals and continue to improve

Changing your approach to disability inclusion is not a quick fix. You will need to continue updating your goals. This is why tracking your progress is so important.

You’ll need to look at where you’ve had challenges, what they are and how you plan to fix them. It’s ok not to have all the answers. Improvement is an ongoing process. Some goals and challenges will take longer. But do not wait years to show where you’ve made improvements.

Also make sure you set and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Your KPIs should include a mix of people and commercial outcomes and indicators of project progress. For example:

  • number of people trained
  • cost of staff turnover
  • customer satisfaction

Tips for measuring progress:

Celebrate your success

Your business is doing important work. Disability inclusion is essential to any organisation. Celebrate your successes. Create excitement and engage employees in the progress you’re making. Share what you’re focused on and how they can take part.

This encourages teamwork and will create a positive work environment. When we all work together, great things can happen.

Tips to help you celebrate:

  • Use your company intranet to share your progress. For example, case studies, blog posts and reviews of what you’ve learned.
  • Create campaigns to raise awareness, this could link to your objectives.
  • Share success stories and experiences from your disabled colleague network.

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