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Disability inclusion and accessibility articles

Free articles to support you with disability inclusion and accessibility.

  • Accessible social media guide: Facebook

    Learn how to make your Facebook page more inclusive of disabled people. Read our social media accessibility guidelines.

  • How accessible is the online world and what needs to change? | Elin Williams

    Elin Williams shares the challenges she faces online with a visual impairment. Find out what she thinks needs to change.

  • Accessible social media guide: Twitter

    Social media accessibility guidelines for tweeting in a way that's more readable for people who are deaf, blind, visually impaired and screen reader users.

  • 6 quick tools to test website accessibility

    There are several automated tools that test against global accessibility standards. Use these quick web tools to find out how accessible your website is.

  • How to make your GIFs accessible with the AX GIF plugin

    GIFs have become an important part of internet pop culture. More and more online publishers from Buzzfeed to Cosmopolitan rely on GIFs to fill their articles. But what many content creators and online publishers are unaware of is that screen readers can't understand them.

  • 3 rules for accessible type on the web

    Typography and text make up a considerable part of most websites, but there are a few fundamental principles to follow to ensure your content is inclusive.

  • 10 ways to make your content accessible | Life of a Blind Girl

    Blind blogger Holly shares 10 tips to make your content accessible for blind and visually impaired people.

  • A guide to alternative formats for accessibility

    Good design and communication include engaging as much of your audience as possible. Find out alternative formats you can use to reach all audiences.

  • Accessible illustration that connects and reflects society

    Read how Scope developed our illustration style. This has helped us make our brand more inclusive and more personal.

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