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Accessibility audits

Get an assessment of your website against international accessibility standards.

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  • Technical website and app audits, measured against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 (WCAG).
  • Testing with a range of assistive technology to understand how disabled users will interact with your content.
  • Live audit option available and delivered by our Digital Accessibility Specialist
  • Understand barriers and WCAG failures on the web pages and app interface for your core customer journey’s.
  • Handover workshop of technical findings and steps to correct to ensure compliance to WCAG.
  • Results will be shared as pass, fail and advisory.
  • Add on available of a review audit to retest after initial changes are made
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Creating accessible user journeys

7 in 10 disabled people click away from a website they find difficult to use.

We will work with you to identify the core templates within your website and the core user journeys.

Our audits are measured and graded against the international accessibility standards: WCAG 2.2. We are also assistive technology specialists. This means we understand:

  • the tools and equipment disabled people use
  • reasonable adjustments and legal guidelines
  • lived experience of disability

3 technical audits

We offer 3 audits to support you:

  • App only: we test on Apple iOS and Android devices using both the mobile WCAG tests and built-in accessibility features of the devices.
  • PC and MacOS only audit: testing only on PC and MacOS against WCAG.
  • PC, MacOS, and mobile devices audit: This includes additional mobile and tablet testing. We’ll test with Apple iOS and Android devices, using in-built accessibility features.

Additional audits available

  • Review audit to retest after initial changes are made
  • Live audit delivered by our Digital Accessibility Specialist
  • Live Portable Document Format (PDF) workshop (up to 3 pages per workshop)

Live Audits and PDF workshops

In a live audit, our team will explain the criteria for WCAG 2.2 A,AA and AAA levels. We will explain the test in plain English, give a visual example from your pages, and explain why it causes a barrier for disabled people. We will give our suggestions, and solutions to resolve the issue.

In a live PDF workshop, a member of our team will examine, test and re-build your PDF with you. We will explain our findings, give examples of the impact this causes disabled people and demonstrate how to fix the issues.

What’s included

All assessments include:

  • testing against WCAG 2.2 AAA criteria
  • automated and manual review by one of our specialists
  • assessments and tests run using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • testing with screen readers, dictation, and magnification software
  • feedback provided on features and best practices that may not be a WCAG failure but have accessibility issues
  • report with the technical pass, fail and advisory results. Includes example screenshots and plain English analysis
  • a live handover workshop with the opportunity to ask questions. This will be one to one with our digital accessibility specialist

We offer an optional follow-up audit to review the improvements you’ve made.

Audit delivery and cost

Because each website is different, our audit costs are tailored to each organisation. The average cost is around £5,000.

We can give you a quote after we get a few details about your product and goals. And the pages you want testing.

Customised audit

If our standard audit products don’t meet your needs, Scope can work with you to create an audit that does.

Speak to our team about a tailored audit

As a challenger energy supplier looking to differentiate ourselves by offering better service to vulnerable customers. Scope has given us invaluable advice on how we can make our website more accessible. We are currently rolling these recommendations out.

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We believe partnerships can help us build a more inclusive and accessible society. One where disabled people experience equality and fairness.

To do this, we partner with organisations to work on larger strategic goals together. For wider social change. For their customers. For their clients. For their employees.

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