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Introduction to disability training

Our 90 minute introduction to the social model of disability, barriers and inclusive language.


  • 90 minute session for up to 50 people online or in-person (depending on location).
  • Invite employees of different levels and from teams across your business.
  • Raise awareness on disability, access barriers and legal duties to help change social and working culture.
  • Develop a good understanding of the social model of disability and inclusive language.
  • Experience personal stories that show how disability affects workplaces and wider society.
  • Access expertise of 2 Scope specialists on inclusive employment and accessibility.
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The basics of disability

The social model of disability is fundamental to disability inclusion in your organisation. It says that for society to be equal, everyone is responsible for removing barriers. Doing this means disabled people can access everything they need. From groceries to transport to employment.

Using the social model makes workplaces, businesses and public sector organisations more inclusive. Our training helps your employees recognise and remove physical, digital and attitudinal barriers.

Interactive, educational, practical

We want everyone to leave the session feeling like they understand disability better. To feel more confident with language, barriers and the law.

We’ll use a mix of presenting and interactive activities. We also share lived experiences throughout to help give context to some of the topics.

What's included

Our 90 minute session is co-delivered by 2 of our specialists. It includes:

  • disability: what do you know? (polling)
  • introduction to the social model of disability
  • social model language activity
  • interacting with disabled people video
  • examples of physical, attitudinal, and online barriers
  • discussion around barriers people face
  • a brief overview of disability discrimination and the law

The session is interactive so we limit groups to 50 people. If you would like a larger group, we can run a 60 minute session that can include up to 300 people online.

Set up training

Session delivery and cost

Cost: £1,600 plus VAT.

When buying this product we offer an option to give a charity donation of £400 (25%).

We can run this session online or in-person (depending on location). Trainees will have access to presentation slides and transcripts for reference.

Easy to set up

Once you’ve contacted us to set up a session, the process is easy. One of our team will contact you with our contract. We’ll then get some details from you to set up an invoice.

After that, all we need to do is set the date of your chosen session.

Customised sessions

Our goal is to raise disability awareness and educate as many people as possible. We want organisations to be supported to do this and to build a culture of disability inclusion.

If our standard products don’t meet your needs, Scope can work with you to create customised training that does.

Speak to the team about a tailored session


Training for individuals and small teams

We run introduction to disability quarterly so that anyone sign up to it. If you’re a business with a small team or budget, you can buy tickets for individual employees. It costs £75 a ticket.

Introduction to disability inclusion training course

Redefining 'disability' for me - it was so interesting!

Nottingham County Council

Organisations we've trained

Partner with us

We believe partnerships can help us build a more inclusive and accessible society. One where disabled people experience equality and fairness.

To do this, we partner with organisations to work on larger strategic goals together. For wider social change. For their customers. For their clients. For their employees.

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