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NBC: Introduction to disability training

Training for NBC employees to learn about the social model of disability, barriers and inclusive language.

NBC training overview

  • Raise awareness on disability, access barriers and legal duties to help change social and working culture.
  • Develop a good understanding of the social model of disability and inclusive language.
  • Experience personal stories that show how disability affects workplaces and wider society.
  • Access expertise of 2 Scope specialists on inclusive employment and accessibility.

Introduction to disability training

The social model of disability is fundamental to disability inclusion in your organisation. It says that for society to be equal, everyone is responsible for removing barriers. Doing this means disabled people can access everything they need. From groceries to transport to employment.

Using the social model makes workplaces, businesses and public sector organisations more inclusive. Our training helps your employees recognise and remove physical, digital and attitudinal barriers.

What’s included

  • disability: what do you know? (polling)
  • introduction to the social model of disability
  • social model language activity
  • interacting with disabled people video
  • examples of physical, attitudinal, and online barriers
  • discussion around barriers people face
  • a brief overview of disability discrimination and the law

Accessibility taster session

Our 30-minute online taster session gives you a brief introduction on content accessibility. It highlights some of the digital barriers disabled people experience. And it explains how you can be more accessible in your work.

The session can have up to 40 people and is delivered by one of our Accessibility Specialists.

What's included

  • accessibility: what do you know? (polling)
  • why accessibility is legally important to your organisation
  • 6 best practices to start today

Disability in the workplace taster session

Our 30-minute online taster session gives you a brief introduction to inclusive employment. It will highlight some of the attitudes around disability at work and barriers disabled people experience.

What's included

  • inclusive employment: what do you know? (polling)
  • understanding common misconceptions and employment barriers disabled people experience
  • video of disabled experiences

Training dates

    • Introduction to disability inclusion, Tuesday 23 May (in person)
    • Introduction to accessibility, Tuesday 30 May (online)
    • Introduction to disability in the workplace, Thursday 1 June (online)
    • Introduction to disability inclusion, Wednesday 31 May (in person)
    • Introduction to accessibility, Tuesday 6 June 11am (online)
    • Introduction to disability in the workplace, Thursday 8 June (online)

Redefining 'disability' for me - it was so interesting!

Nottingham County Council

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Partner with us

We believe partnerships can help us build a more inclusive and accessible society. One where disabled people experience equality and fairness.

To do this, we partner with organisations to work on larger strategic goals together. For wider social change. For their customers. For their clients. For their employees.

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