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Building a diverse and inclusive team


Disability recruitment training

3 hours to start hiring disabled talent. Find out how to better recruit disabled people to your organisation. Start to feel more confident with recruiting disabled employees. Learn more about measuring and reporting on disability in your workplace.

Workplace disability inclusion programme

A 12 month workplace disability inclusion programme offering policies review with recommendations, inclusion workshops, and toolkits.

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Employer responsibilities for reasonable adjustments

The Equality Act 2010 says UK employers must make reasonable adjustments. These allow a disabled person to work. Find out what workplace adjustments you need to make to support disabled employees.

Making adjustments for job interviews

Legally organisations must make adjustments for disabled candidates. Find out more about reasonable adjustments and what you need to do.

Understanding the challenges of disabled jobseekers

Disabled jobseekers face many challenges applying for and getting into work. Find out what your organisation can do to remove these barriers.

3 tips for employing disabled talent

Not sure how to recruit and keep disabled talent? Follow our quick tips for becoming a disability inclusive employer.

How to include disability in workplace diversity and inclusion

5 tips to get you started with disability inclusion in your workplace equality and diversity development.

Inclusive recruitment and online job interviews

Find out about different online interview formats and how to make them more accessible and inclusive to disabled people.

Do’s and Don’ts for creating a disability inclusive workplace culture

Learn more about creating a disability inclusive workplace culture with our 3 do’s and don’ts. Start making changes to EDI policies and planning today.

Swap the corporate jargon for these accessible alternatives

Learn how to speak, write and communicate more clearly at work. Swap the office jargon for these more accessible alternatives.

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There are currently no hiring events. Check back soon for updates.

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Partner with us

We believe partnerships can help us build a more inclusive and accessible society. One where disabled people experience equality and fairness.

To do this, we partner with organisations to work on larger strategic goals together. For wider social change. For their customers. For their clients. For their employees.

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